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About Me
Spirit Hoop Cake is the place to visit for Hooping Fun! 


How I got into Hooping...
I attended a drama school in London in 2006 and found movement to be an area where I struggled with initially.  I wanted to find a way to access movement that would intergrate what I was learning in a way that was personal and just for me, I had no expectation other than to play freely and have fun.
My partner at the time bought a childs hula hoop and I knew nothing of the already established hooping community and thought all I could achieve was hooping at the waist.  After some interesting attempts at keeping my hoop up I managed to succeed and also allow it to go to my hips and back up, even a bit of knee hooping and some lasso.  It was an interesting journey of learning and I realised that hooping attracted new people to me the majority of whom asked to have a go!  I used my hoop in my daily warm up routine before classes started and hooping was integrated into my life.
In July 2008 a friend introduced me to hooping with an adult sized hoop and after some research I ordered one and when it arrived I thought I would struggle to use it.  The opposite was the case, it was an absolute delight to hoop with and I soon learned that hooping indoors perhaps wasn't such a good idea with such a big hoop yet I couldn't resist playing with my hoop.
I've noticed the intoxicating nature of hooping and have felt myself disappear into a delightful trance, feeling at one with the hoop, I often hoop in candle light, imagining myself to be creating and sending positive energy while I hoop dance.
Ever since then I've been obsessed with my hoop, it's the best way I've found to move my body, gain confidence in my own physicality and enjoy dance and listening to music differently.  The hooping community is growing and there are so many wonderful people to meet and hoop with!
If I'm having this much fun, I'm sure you will too! 
Happy Hooping!