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Spirit Hoop Cake thanks:

Span Productions spent 6 years producing this amazing documentary that champions community and personal growth.  Without your initial idea and persistence this film wouldn't have happened!  Very proud to host!

Milton Keynes
For being the place I love the most, a new city with a wonderful capacity for community and working together.  Milton Keynes I'm proud to have spent a lifetime there and delighted I can bring an event like this to you!  I will always provide the highest quality of hoop dance instruction to local school, events and venues.  It is my mission to get as many people of all ages and both genders hoop dancing.

Madcap Arts for continuing to be the hub of creativity in the city. Having attended gigs since a teenager at Madcap the venue has been a focal point in my social endeavours, creative and business!  Always putting on great events for all ages and for being the venue I choose to run the majority of my hoop dance courses.    I thank you for your support, particularly Carolyn (ex-employee) who shouted out about Madcap and the potential to accomodate me back in 2009 and insisted I visit the venue to see how it could be good for me.  Gawaine Parker for his constant support, help and suggestions of community resources that would help with the screening and for putting up with my high speed chat on the phone organising dates for courses!  Ian Allen for just being a great resource and asset to Madcap and all the other Madcap Committee members who strive to create a community focused venue where dance, drama, music and art can flourish.  You must check out there website.

Independent Cinema Milton Keynes (ICMK) is devoted to widening access and promoting the exhibition of the widest range of British and world cinema throughout the city. ICMK works collaboratively with organisations and communities to encourage people to see films.  Delighted that I can involve a community focused cinema!  Please check out there Facebook page.

Greenley Community Cafe Supported by the Greenleys Residents association.
All staff are trained volunteers from the local community.  Spirit Hoop Cake is proud to have the community cafe on board to provide delicious refreshments.  Food will stop being served by 8.30pm  Please help raise their awareness in the community by liking their Facebook page.

Raffle Prize Donators - Thank you for your donated prizes!

Diana Defries - HoopsWhirled
Hannah Taylor - MK Pole Fitness
Emma Kerr - Hooping Mad
Sandra Sommerville - Hoop City
Anna Drury - HoopingAnna
Sharna Rose - Innerspin
Rainbow Hoops
Milton Keynes Mind

Personal thanks to:
Paul Creedy, Kate Tatum, Sharna Rose, Gawaine Parker, Owen Scott, all my hoop dance students and every single person who has picked up a hoop and danced!