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Beginner Level 1 – suitable for complete beginners!


What you will learn

Successful waist hooping

Float the hoop from waist to over head (using either the front or back pick up)

Float the hoop from over head to waist (using either the left or the right hand)

Hand hooping – vertical and horizontal off body hooping

Creating angles whilst waist hooping and combining to make a barrel roll


Beginner Level 2 – suitable for those who have previously attended the Level 1 and for those who are ready for learning the moves listed below.

What you will learn

Hand hooping (Helicopter – Warrior – Cape)

Chest hooping

Shoulder hooping

Thigh hooping



Intermediate Level 1 & 2  will offer more diverse moves and additional options to moves already learnt, a firm grasp of the basics is advised before participating, ideally you will be able to perform beginner moves with ease and in both directions.  Learn to enter and exit the hoop by leaping in and out, diversifying how to go from your inflow to your outflow, rolling the hoop across the back, stepping through the hoop from vertical hooping and the continuous step through are just some of what you will learn!



Adults and young people aged 15 years and above.  If you are interested and are younger then please contact me where I can ascertain if this course is suitable.  Anyone under the age of 18 must email me or phone prior to the course start as a parental / guardian form must be signed in order for you to attend. ​



All music is clean, meaning there are no swear words contained in the music selected, I always test music to ensure they are hoop friendly and vary the beats per minute to encourage attendees to explore the pacing and rhythm of their hoop dance.  I’m always interested in including music suggested by students and will always do my best to satisfy the music tastes of attendees!