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Welcome to December 2008

Highlights of the month

  • Interviewing Diana Lopez & Beata Varga
  • Performing for Ensemble Theatre Groups Christmas party
  • Attending an Anna Drury class
  • Mince Pies
  • Santa! :o)










December 2008

I haven’t written much this month.  I’ve been very distracted with Christmas and with other things going on in my personal life that needed my attention.


My hooping progress has levelled out a little bit in the sense that most of what I was very keen to learn I’ve learnt.  The duck out eluded me for so long now that I always enjoy doing it in my practice.  The next stage is to duck out with the hoop on my shoulder only rather than with an arm up!  I also want to learn how to do work with two hoops.  I’ve seen some beautiful things that can be achieved with two hoops, the only reason I haven’t played with two is because of a lack of space primarily and also the style I want to play with most requires a lot of spinning and I still get nauseous quickly even with the techniques I’ve learnt, it’s really horrid for me to experience being dizzy, obviously I go off balance and it takes a while before my stomach settles.  I’m sure with practice it will improve.  I also want to learn to hoop on my foot and do more with hooping behind my back.


I’ve been continuing to find ways to progress my website and make it more interesting.  I kept thinking about all those amazing hoopers out there, that despite myself desiring other peoples skills and the benefits of others learning experiences I began wishing I could speak to these hoopers I admire and ask them questions.  Then I thought, well why don’t I ask some questions?  Perhaps I could interview people and put there responses up so all the hardcore hoopers out there who want to know more about hoop dance can read up from some of the best hoopers around.  It was easy to decide to interview Diana Lopez first.  She’s had the most impact on my hooping skill progress, she helped me feel good about the skills I already had and gave me the tools to learn some other dynamic tricks and moves.  All of this while providing me and the other attendees tools to teach and share the joy of hoop dance.  I had learnt lots from instructional dvds and from youtube but being with others really helped me and it was nice to feel less isolated with this journey I’ve begun with my hoop.  It was also really important for me to acknowledge the hoop dance talent already in the UK.  I felt nervous about asking Diana to allow me to interview her, I’ve never done anything like that.  I do have a writing background (I have a degree in Performance Writing) but interviews move into the realms of journalism which I felt I had no skill in.  A good friend told me something extremely useful, that hesitation is my enemy so I just had to jump right in, feel my fear and ask!  Thankfully Diana said yes and I was sooo overjoyed!  Then I had to come up with the questions!  I also started to think about some of the UK hoopers I wanted to interview also so of course Beata Varga was one of the names that sprung to mind!  So with the confidence of my experience with Diana I approached Beata, she said yes too!  It was a real pleasure to come up with the questions and I found it quite exciting to do.  When I sent off the questions I felt nervous yet excited to see what would be sent back!  When I got the responses I was sooo delighted, there is so much than can be learnt from them and I hope others enjoy reading it as much as I do.  I knew the best time to put these interviews up was just after Christmas because it would be like a little present from me for anyone passing by my site!  The good news is that I’ve approached a few more people too and they’ve said yes!  I can’t wait to hear back with their responses and put them up for everyone to see.  Interviewing is something I’m enjoying very much.  I wish I could do it on camera but I have no budget to finance doing it to a standard I would be happy with.  Plus reading is fun, or at least I think so. 


I’m also preparing to work in clubs and have found myself having to address a lot of things I wasn’t planning on.  With acting I always leave make-up and wardrobe to those whose job it is to do that!  I’ve not had to conjure up my own costumes for a long time.  I love dressing up but buying lots of clothes for going out has never been a priority (mainly because I can’t afford for it to be, all the things I really want are expensive!).  I had an opportunity and when I got there I realised that my clothes were ok but not like what people wear on the club scene and I got the impression that I’d have to look really fashionable!!!  I did more research and although very colourful and beautiful most of the clothes require a lot of body confidence to wear!  I had a dance music phase but all the venues I went to were underground clubs where the issue of clothing was less commercial, certainly not boring in anyway in fact more expressive than the club wear I’ve seen but it isn’t a commercial type look I guess.  I’ve got myself some appropriate club wear so next time I get to do a demo I’ll have my fluffies and little outfits that display a lot of flesh, the displaying of flesh is better for hooping I suppose because there’s nothing more gripping to the hoop than bare flesh, I just have to think of club wear as a uniform for working in that environment I guess, if I could I would like to design something sexy, hoop friendly and less revealing.  Might have to design something or find my inner fashion sense!!! I’m looking forward to hooping in clubs, it will be nice to listen to loud music and vibe off it with my hoop!


I went to London to visit a dear friend, she cheered me up and listened to my woes and treated me to an advanced hoop class with the renowned Anna Drury.  I didn’t know whether I was actually an advanced hooper and in Anna’s class I felt exactly that.  I realised that there is still much to learn and there’s always someone coming up with something new but what I have learnt so far is quite a lot and I felt pleased with the progress I’ve been making.  That’s another benefit to hoop dance I suppose is that goals that are set can be reached, a trick can be difficult at first but at some point, sometimes sooner sometimes later, it is mastered and the sense of achievement boost us if we let it!  I know that if I can do this with the limitations I have then so many people will experience similar things.


Well, 2008 is more or less gone.  The one thing that has been the most useful, inspirational, motivating, encouraging, sociable and spiritual is hoop dance.  It has impacted my life so positively and provided me with so many new friends that I’m getting to know and hoop with.  I’m hoping others kind find benefits to hooping to.  I’m really looking forward to 2009, doing my level 1 & 2 with Hoopgirl, doing my storytelling project and advancing my hooping skills.  I’ll be in my hoop a lot!!!  I’m really looking forward to the summer when I can hoop outdoors!