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Your Hoop Has Emotions (It’s True!)




They will let you know when they’re unhappy, they shriek and cry if any liquid goes on them, so never leave your precious hoop in water or damp places, they especially dislike rain, puddles, sleet and rivers. 


They also get sunburnt and warped so never leave them outside in the sun and never lean them on radiators or open fires! 


When you play with them they will learn with you, you need to get to know each other, if you’re hoop is unhappy find out if you need to shift your weight differently to become more harmonious with each other. 


Hoops are happy to fall to the floor, they even enjoy your journey of negotiating new moves but sometimes they get hurty skin if they should graze concrete or sharp objects.  Some people have a basic designed hoop for practice and a fancy one for those special hoop events/occasions.

Spirit Hoop Cake Happy!

Perhaps you might initiate your hoop into your life by giving it a name!  Hoops love to feel special, the hoops I use have names and they are all different and unique.  My hoop family include, Herbie, Gandalf, Merlin, Aerial and Saturn (soon to be joined by Pegasus!)  Help these other orphaned hoops find homes!