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Spirit Hoop Cake is proud to host HOOPING MAD's founder and creator Emma Kerr, the first HOOP DANCE MASTERCLASS instructor in MK!

Emma Kerr
has travelled the world to develop her skills, has created a thriving and vibrant hoop dance community in Bristol and now she's here to teach YOU and to give your hooping skills that extra magic, not to be missed!

Two 1.5 hour workshops Attend either one seperately or receive a discount if you want to attend both. 

***Unfortunately the masterclass has been postponed until early 2013***

Skill Level Requirement
If you can hoop on your waist and can hand hoop then this is for you!  Beginner Hoop Dancers VERY welcome!

1hr 30mins

Age Suitability
16 years and above only


(workshop fees are non-refundable)

Workshop 1

18.45 - 20.15

Line and Tunnel – Techniques to break out of single trick sequence

"Moving freely to music without considering a sequence of tricks is the goal of many. To achieve this it is important to understand the two extremes. The learning of “tricks” in all their different variants is vital to teach your hands/body/feet how to move the hoop in different ways without awkwardness but focusing on each individual movement as a unit or a “trick” can limit the way in which you move.
This workshop will aim to breakdown the idea of individual tricks and focus more on hoop movement around and between two spherical networks, called here Line and Tunnel. We will look at standard edge-led movement (Line) and face-led movement (tunnel). In both these types we will explore the limitless possibilities outside the common “tricks” held within the fully extended sphere.

We will then look at how breaking down a movement into all it’s possible variations can help to access new ways of moving the hoop through space. We will cover simple ways of transferring between the Line and Tunnel networks with emphasis put on hand folds and twists."

Workshop 2

20.30 - 22.00

Expanding your Horizontal Jump Repertoire and Plane Melting

"Bored always doing the same jumps? Then come and get unstuck! This dynamic workshop will have you thinking up new variations on standard jumps and have you coming up with simple transitions that can dramatically change the overall look and feel of a move. Working in the horizontal plane you will learn how to do a number of basic jumps. Then by varying direction, hand position and plane melting you’ll learn to create different effects and transitions. Not only will your jumps look more interesting, this will also add transitions between moves and make your play more diverse."

Previous Workshop 1

18.45- 20.15
Breaking Planes and Transitioning using Elbow Folds

Always find yourself hooping in the same planes? Rotating the hoop using elbow folds will add a whole new dimension to your hooping. A simple change of grip can completely change the way that you transition. You will leave the workshop playing with the two basic cradles that enable a multitude of horizontal and vertical folds. We’ll explore different ways to access the fold position, from both off body and on body and create new patterns in untangling. It’s an opportunity to develop your individual style: everyone tangles and untangles in different ways, so you’re guaranteed to uncover new, personalized combinations.

Workshop Attendees Hooping Mad 2012

Previous Workshop 2
20.30 - 22.00
Fancy Tricks and Flourishes

It’s a separate skill to produce a ta-da! moment and this workshop is a mish mash collection of the fancy tricks that do just that! In this workshop we will cover a number of ‘crowd pleaser’ tricks including folds, rolls, throws and passes. We will also cover some quick and simple flourishes: Spins, twists and mini-throws that can add an added wow-factor to your hooping style! We will also cover ways of picking up the hoop from the floor that make it seem like you meant to drop it in the first place!

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