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The Right Hoop For You

Typically the measurement from the floor to your belly button in inches determines what size hoop to get but sometimes the following information is worth considering:

41” Hoops are especially good for complete beginners, the rotation is slower affording you a little bit of time and space to negotiate your move.  I still use my 41” when I’m practicing something new.


Any size from as small as a 32” hoop to 39”   Discovering when to work with a smaller hoop is up to the individual although I would recommend being comfortable with a repertoire of beginner moves first before changing size.  Remember a smaller hoop will spin faster and require you to change the tempo of how you perform a move.


25mm or 20mm thickness of tube?  20mm is lighter and easier on the wrist, 25mm slightly heavier with increased toning qualities.  I started with 25mm, the choice, however, is yours!