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Beginner Hoop Dance Intensive Workshop

Sunday 16th October 2016​

10am - Noon 
Old Bath House, 205 Stratford Road, Wolverton

Workshop Fee is £15 

Come and learn hoop dance with me! Highly skilled at teaching you how to learn to hoop dance in a way that will make you smile, have fun, feel good about yourself and empower you, all by dancing with a hula hoop!

You will learn:
  • Back and front pick up
  • Corckscrew
  • Chest & Shoulder Hooping
  • Foot Carry 
  • Knee Squeeze
  • Warrior & Warrior with jump through
  • Short Hoop Dance Routine

This 2 hour intensive workshop is suitable for beginner hoopers who are comfortable with waist hooping, wild west/lasso and passing the hoop who are wishing to expand their repetoire.

The first part of the workshop will briefly review what was learnt on the Beginners Hoop Dance Intensive course. It will be very beneficial if you are at ease with entering into the hoop with both the left and right hands from wild west/lasso.

This course is suitable for adults. All hoops will be provided.

To book please email or call me on 07545 829099 and I will forward a PayPal request for payment. You don't have to have a PayPal account to pay and you are able to pay via Debit or Credit Card. Terms and conditions apply and will be sent shortly after your payment has been received.

*Please note your place on this workshop is only secure once payment has been received.*