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I remember when I first got excited about hoop dance and found my inspiration from so many hoop dancers around the world, each of whom have a unique flare about their way of hoop dancing! 


As I’ve become more schooled in how some of these hoop dancers approach this new and exciting dance form, questions began taking root in my mind and rather than these questions leading me to make assumptions I decided to approach these amazing master hoop dancers and entice them to be interviewed for Spirit Hoop Cake readers who may learn something from them and also become even more excited and motivated to explore the delights of hoop dance.

Initially I started off believing that hoop dance was big only in America, how wrong was I?  After a lot of research I found some exceptional UK based talent and have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to approach them and ask if they would be interested in taking part in one of my interviews.


I’m excited to introduce to you the responses, view points, philosophy and opinions of many breath taking hoop dancers both from the USA and from the UK!


Enjoy your Spirit Hoop Cake Interview Treats!