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Out of the blue (no pun intended!), on a normal day of sniffing out hooping vids to fuel my passion and to inspire me to keep improving my skills, I came across a lovely surprise.  Eva, aka Blue Tornado, from Austria has amazing hoop dance skills.  Like so many other skilful hoop dancers she makes it look sooo easy!  She’s very generous, supportive and delighted to indulge in Spirit Hoop Cake questions!

Wow, Eva, thanks for agreeing to answer my questions!  You seemed to appear from nowhere, a wonderful surprise for an obsessive hoop dance youtube junkie like me!  How long ago did you discover hoop dance?  What was it about it that encouraged you to explore it?

A bit more than a year ago, when I was twelve, I found an old hoop in our house. Just for fun I searched “Hula Hoop” in Youtube and found videos of other hoopers. I really liked the sport and started practising.


I understand that you are self taught?  How did you learn what to do?  Did you ever seek anyone’s advice if you encountered problems?  If you never sought advice how did you keep your motivation going?

Most of my tricks I saw on youtube, I watched them again and again, until I figured them out. Just one time I asked someone about a hoop-trick, she explained it and I understood. My motivation was just to see how much fun hooping is. I liked watching myself on the videos, and getting better motivated me to practise more.


In your community are there other hoopers for you to hoop with?

I’ve never met an other hooper, I just communicate with them via the internet. We write about tricks and performances, but we have never met outside the web.


What move did you encounter that took a long time to learn and how did you feel about the move once you mastered it?  What piece of advice can you give to hoopers, either beginners or advanced, to help motivate them when learning a difficult move?

I think the most difficult move I ever learned was the shoulder-duck-out, where I get the hoop from my right shoulder to my left shoulder. Every time the hoop fell down I imagined showing this trick in public, that was a great motivation for me. When I mastered it, I just felt proud and did it again and again, because it was so much fun.


I have to ask the question, it’s been on my mind!  :o) Hooping in the snow with no jumper or coat type garment?  It looked very cold.  Sure is some hardcore hooping!  What inspired you to hoop in the snow and even perform your foot hooping? 

I was born in winter and loved snow since the beginning of my life. When the first snow fell down this year, I saw the white trees and imagined making a hooping-video in the snow with soft music. I wanted to make a video like every other, just with the little difference that everything was white.


You have an amazing command of your hoop, what do you think has contributed to this?

I think it’s easier for me to concentrate because I started playing the piano when I was four and started taking ballet classes when I was six. When you start training your concentration and coordination in young years, you will not have problems with it when you’re older.


Initially there wasn’t that much information about you on the internet so I had to see if I could learn something from your YouTube channel, I noticed that you have favourites that include gymnastics, do you have a gymnastics background?  Are there any other physical activities that you do which support and inform your hoop dance? 

I’m not a gymnast, but I really like this sport. Some performances of gymnasts inspired me for my Hoop-acts.


The other thing is, that I take classes at ballet, Jazz Dance and Modern Dance.


I recently discovered that you are 14 years old, how have your friends responded to you hooping?  Have they been inspired to have a go? 

The first time my friends saw me hooping I had a presentation about it at school. They were really surprised, but no one started hooping after watching me.


I also learnt that you use hoop dance to take your mind off things if you are stressed and that your mind is clearer afterwards.  Do you think hoop dance is a good way to relieve stress and focus the mind during revision for exams or tests at school?

Definitely. If I have a test, I can’t learn for more than an hour without having a break. After ten minutes of hooping I can think clear about everything again.


You do a lot of hooping with multiple hoops, how did you introduce more than one hoop?  Have you got any words of wisdom for hoopers wishing to do multiple hooping?  What do you enjoy the most about hooping with more than one hoop?

I really like hooping with two ore more hoops, because I need my whole concentration to do it. If you want to hoop with four hoops, you shouldn’t think about anything else, if you do, you will lose control over the hoops.


I started with just two hoops, then with three, and finally I took the fourth hoop. You can’t take four hoops and start practising, you have to make little steps, so you will get better with every minute.


Multiple hooping also gave me my name, because I thought standing inside four hoops looks like you are in a tornado.


You do a really cool move of hooping on your knee when you are on the floor.  How did you discover this move?  It’s a really lovely and imaginative way of using the hoop! 

I saw a similar version of that move at Irina Tchachina in rhythmic gymnastics. I really liked it and tried to do it on my own.


I recently saw that a tutorial you did for YouTube is now appearing on  How did you feel to see your tutorial highlighted and your efforts available to so many hoopers?

I felt happy and a bit proud. It’s a great feeling to see that so many people can watch you and learn from you.


What music are you hooping to at the moment?

I love fast music. At the moment I like dancing to music of Ruslana, it sounds great and I think it’s perfect music to dance.


Is there a hooping community in Austria that you are aware of?  If there isn’t will you be starting something?

I haven’t heard about a community in Austria yet, I think I’m also a little too young to start one. But I could imagine to give lessons or to start a group when I’m older.


In between your studies what are your current goals and aspirations for hooping?

I decided that my goal is to perform in public with a big audience. I’m searching for a chance to get on stage.


For further information about Blue Tornado visit her website!!!