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Welcome to October 2008

Highlights of the month
  • Body Hoops Teacher Training
  • Sunday Hoop Group
  • Hoop Disco
  • Embracing positive thinking

Sunday 19/10/08
Oh my goodness me! I've only gone and booked on hoopgirl level 1 & 2 for next year! I can't wait! I'm actually going to learn from Hoopgirl and her staff, everything I'll learn with her will enhance my teaching and increase my repertoire of moves. I've got a lot of work to do between now and then. I also want to do level 2 with BodyHoops. With all this training behind me I'll be an awesome teacher and a skilled performer. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with how hooping is affecting me. I feel little bubbles in my tummy when I think about the teachings I've had so far and am about to get next year. I've had such a weird year with a few major let downs and I really had to move my body and feel like I could actually achieve a movement based skill and hooping has filled all my desires. I've made new friends, hooped at a disco, fire hooped, loved it, took fire hoop home! This whole weekend has been hooping filled. I've taught a little lesson today with my friend and her daughter. Both of them can waist hip and do forward angles. I taught the cape and floating the hoop down onto the waist. We practiced out in the park and people were intrigued and a passer by said he remembered when hooping was about in the 60's. It was nice to have him reminisce and the hooping craze is returning revitalised and dynamic for us to enjoy now! I taught and demonstrated the way to lift up the hoop from the waist and to bring it back down. I noticed the desire to want to show more moves than would be possible to digest in one session. I've got to make sure my lesson plans are slick and I impart all that I possibly can so students can learn as much detail I want to make sure I can slow everything down. Timing is crucial or seeing where the space is to move through, the way the hoop feels in the hands, there is illusion and all sorts of magic ingredients to spice things up. I'm so happy to be learning to hoop. I have a picture of me and Diana Lopez after my last training smiling away with my eyes looking a bit weird, and Diana is right, I'm blissed out, thanks to her teaching and the tastey delights of hooping. I've got a cold and would like to hoop but perhaps an early night will be better... well, just 30 mins of hooping tonight!
Saturday 18/10/08

:o( I wonder why does it take so long for me to learn things, I'd love to learn super fast and achieve what my fellow hoopers have done so quickly, and in actuality I ought to be content with my own progress but I'm just not. I'd love a bit of that hooping pazaaz!

I've spent most of the week working on knee hooping, I can almost control the hoop going down to the knee but failing miserably on getting it to come back up. It's frustrating because I know the technique, I picture myself doing it, practice without the hoop being there so my body can understand better what I'm asking it to do, then I go for it and clank, there's signor hoop on the floor! I'm also working on shoulder angles and on occasion attempt the barrel roll from the shoulders. When I watch Hoopgirl doing it she looks so stunning and rhythmical, so graceful and dynamic, breathtakingly excellent. When I attempt it, it's hoop on face, hoop on nose, hoop on neck! I watch Hoopgirls dvd and I'm sure I'm taking in what she's saying but nah, I'm repeating my failure! Hoop on face, nose or neck! I wish that Hoopnotica had a dvd exercise for this so that I could see Keaton's troubleshooting for it. I know I need the five Ps Patience, practice, persistence, peace and perspiration.   However, I'm frustrated and would love to be able to do it, it will look so good when I can.

I've also done the next thing that most hoopers do, make their own hoop. I've been convinced it's easy and I'm sure for most it is easy. I bought my tapes a little while ago and my boyfriend picked up the pipe. We cut the pipe easy enough but inserting the connector required brute force, surely we've missed some knowledge here, I would like to be able to make a hoop un-aided. We heat the ends up like we'd learnt from a website. No matter though, we got them in and began taping. Oh my God!!! It's really tricky! I found it quite frustrating but felt that the outcome would be worth the effort. There's obviously some kind of knack needed to do it, I tell you what, knitting lace is easier than making taping a hoop! Although I found it difficult the hoops I have are beautiful! I have two baby hoops, a black and silver hoop who I've named Merlin and a black and glow in the dark yellow striped hoop called Buzby. The grandmaster of my hoop is my beautiful Herbie, purple black and silver, he's the dude and daddy of my hoops and made by PeachySteve!

I'm going to a hoop disco this afternoon in london, I'm feeling a lack of confidence about my hooping so I'll have to let go of that somehow before I go out. I'll focus on the chance to be with other hoopers, to maybe ask for some advice and do my very best to enjoy what I do know. The negativity will pass if I pursue happiness, love and the ability to focus more on positive things and that big smile of mine will return!


I did the right thing in going to the hoop disco. I zoned out to the music and hooped the hours away. One of my body hoops training friends was there and it was great to see her and have a chat. We were both having issues with certain moves but from my point of view seeing her revitalised something in me. I also saw a friend who I met at the Sunday hoop group, she's lovely, I learn lots from her and she's beautiful to watch and she taught me something new and vice versa. We talked about how unusual hooping is in that when hoopers get together they are generally so very friendly, willing to share knowledge, breakdown difficult moves etc and welcome newcomers and the more advanced hoopers lack that possessiveness and snobbery that other disciplines have with their skills. It's lovely watching hoopers and the fun they have. What is it that hooping does to make it such a community based activity? Is it the promotion of smiles and sharing? I really want to promote this element of hooping, it will hopefully encourage people to take part and feel that at whatever stage they are at they can get healthy, have fun and learn to share.

So my negativity and doubts have been hooped out of me and my hooping battery recharged. Yay!

I remember how learning hooping at the shoulders, chest and learning my forward angles took so much time so my knee hooping is following the same process, it will take time and I will be able to to do it at some point that is right for my learning. I'll look forward to hooping at the knee and returning the hoop back to my waist and soon I'll be doing my barrel roll on my shoulders and funk it up a bit!


Monday 13/10/08 (00:20)

I'm still on a BodyHoops high! I've had the most amazing time ever over the past three days. Having the opportunity to be provided with tools to teach other people hooping but the chance to make some new hooping buddies, all of whom are keen to share there skills and support each other. I've learnt loads of new things and have improved on my knee hooping although I lack control and the ability to get the hoop from the knee back up, I have the knowledge of how to do it but my body doesn't understand the request I've made yet, but it will so I'm enjoying where I'm at and getting the inevitable hoop kisses (bruises!) a rite of passage for a new move in my case!

I've also managed to achieve an angle whilst shoulder hooping and leaning gently forward, I thought it would take me months to do it but after some good advice and watching and imagining myself in the person who could do it right and thinking about how the hoop would feel if it was me doing it. What I noticed was that there was a lot more arm movement involved, I hoop to the left and my right arm seems to move up and down my thigh and pump the hoop and that's what unlocked it for me. I now need to apply the same principle or something similar to do the the backward shoulder limbo and then a shoulder barrel roll! I'm going to go for it!

I'm also noticing how vital working the opposite direction is. One way always seems easier, for me, hooping to the left and it is a lot more of a challenge to hoop to the right, it just takes time. So far I've only really managed to do waist and hip hooping but tonight whilst I practiced, I thought I'd step it up a gear. I've been working on picking up my hoop with my left hand (while hooping left) and found it really awkward as I've always picked up from behind! So it was interesting to experience that moment of failing miserably again but again patience, pause and persistence and good advice I managed to do it! How about learning to do this whilst hooping to the right? Surely lots of hoop on floor moments, love 'em! Of course I had some twisting myself up in the hoop but in an evening I've managed to lasso to the right, put the hoop back on my body and pick up from the front, all whilst in my opposite hoop rotation. I'm delighted beyond belief!

I'm continuing to work on hooping behind my back, it's hard work on the arms, I'm using my kids hoop a bit for this, just to get a feel of what the hoop is going to do without having the fear of hurting myself. Lack of space is an issue here, so I need to find somewhere soon that has more height and more space in general, back garden is out of action as I'm having a new lawn sown ready for next year (hopefully my partner will build a little hooping stage for me! Just a little one!), whatever happens I want to practice this as it looks so cool and enchanting when I've seen others do it.

Anyway, I can't keep my eyes open for much longer so nighty night and I'm sure I'll dream of hoops and Shakespeare monologues! Hooping's a good way to run lines with an engaged breath! Bonus!


I'm feeling weird, definitely have hoop come down! I was back at work feeling miserable, still with the happiness of the last few days in my heart but actually missing learning and being with other hoopers. What lovely memories I've got from those 3 lovely days. I've got so much work to still do, not just with my hooping, I just wish there were more hours in the day.

I feel that sometimes the world isn't a nice place, that sometimes those whom I think kindest become cruel but when I'm hooping I feel a connection with the universe, it seems corny, I know, but I do, I think it's the spinning, the Earth spins, other planets spin, so maybe I tap into that energy. I notice how the hoopers I've met so far are more than willing to share their skill and to allow me for the first time really to feel part of a welcoming community. I've learnt lots of interesting skills this year and the most welcoming activity is hooping.

I tell you what, my body is aching man! Yowzers! I don't know if more hooping is needed or rest! I know I'll hoop later, I'm learning the shoulder barrel roll and hooping to the right, I can't resist a little session of practice!

I really want to perform hooping. I'm nothing like my idols in Hoopnotica or Hoopgirl or Diana Lopez or the UK hoopers who steal my breath with their unique and dynamic styles. I'm just itching to perform in front of people. I want to choreograph something, we made up little routines in small groups on the course and it was really nice to see basic ideas combined to make a stunning and contemporary performance. Surely I can make the little I know work in a performance, I ought to go for it, find a short piece of music and see what happens, I'd like to find some local clubs to go and hoop at to drum up some interest in my classes I'm planning in the new year.

I'm going to be taking a first aid course, it's a little bit more expensive than I would like but if it makes me more attractive to employers or re-assures them it will be worth it. I'm really hoping that next year is better for me professionally, I'm hoping my little dreams lead me somewhere magical. The hoop has bought some magic back into my life, magic that lots of people can learn and share.

I think knee hooping is odd. It's strange getting used to the hoop going so fast, I haven't got much room to practice this indoors, it clanks on everything in sight! Sooo I use my smaller hoop. I'm doing a lot better with this move but haven't found the magic way to get it up to my waist again, I can from the the upper thigh but just above the knee, not yet missus! I'll pay my learning dues and then it will be second nature. I really need to work on transitioning between more complex moves, all in good time!


Friday 10/10/08

Wow! I'm at the end of a hula filled day! It's cool! The best thing was there were 3 people there from the sunday hoop jam I went to last weekend. It was lovely to meet them again and indeed to meet lots of other new people all of them as mad about hooping as I am!

The hoopers attending had really varied backgrounds and two even came from Norway for the training! The level of hooping varied with some who were complete beginners and some who were highly experienced. It amazes me and delights me that hoopers are so unique and this simple circle brings us together.

The one thing that really threw me today was having mirrors in the room. Sometimes it was helpful in that I could see if my waist hooping went sloppy but I didn't really enjoy watching myself, I found myself watching other people in the mirror and found myself at times comparing myself. A pointless way to think I know although I think that's a natural way to feel but this is confirmation that I'm a kinaesthetic learner (hooping with eyes closed will help me a lot), I have to be flexible enough to teach in all the different sub-modalities people learn with, I think I can use my NLP skills with hooping! Excellent!

I learnt two completely new things today, picking up my hoop from my waist with my left hand from the front, it was really weird, picking up from the back feels a lot easier for me. I'll get the hang of it I'm sure! I'm pretty much there but need to fine tune it!

I bet sign off for now, got some reading to do and some hooping to KOL to do before sleepy sleep time!  There's talk of fire hooping!  I can't flipping wait!  How exciting!


Thursday 09/10/08

It's been a while since I've written anything. I've being hooping lots as usual, just haven't had the time to just sit down and write. I put the video my man took of me hooping in the woods on my facebook page, I was very nervous about it because most of the hoopers I see on youtube and on my dvds are so dynamic and advanced with their hooping I thought mine wouldn't be that exciting. Lots of my friends who haven't seen much hooping really enjoyed it, and there was loads of me dropping my hoop and chasing after it! I'm so pleased that people are finding it interesting and fun looking.

One friend in particular was very interested in my little vid and asked me to help her with learning to hula. So we made a hoop date and it was so much fun. I really enjoyed helping and seeing someone having fun with the learning process. We also enjoyed some wine induced hooping also lots of fun!

I made it to the hoop jam at the beginning of October and it was the best afternoon session of hooping I've had. It was really easy for me to get there by car and I was so happy to be hooping with more than a handful of hoopers. Everyone was at different levels on there hooping journeys and there was such a diverse mix of hoopers. I really enjoyed it and it feels good to have made contact with other people. I'm convinced there are hoopers in my area hiding away and I'm going to do my best to establish contact and get some kind of hoop jam set up locally. I got lots of advice from the other hoopers on my problem areas. I'm still working on jumping in and out of the hoop, it's actually coming along very nicely indeed, it feels really good to step out and step in. I found a few little tricks on youtube from one of my fav hoopers on there. I managed to pick it up reasonably quickly and it is an awesome looking move.

I've been very seduced by hooping behind the back, I've watched everything I can find on it and it just hasn't been coming together. Then magically, whilst riding on the high of having hooped with new people, something clicked for me, and I can now do some basic hooping behind my back and have managed to keep the hoop rotating, I still need to work on co-ordination of my hands and of keeping the momentum up, some times it's like it powers down and then falls to the floor. I haven't managed to find a way to transition between this move and another, I just want to get used to the feel of it first and negotiating that weight transitioning from hand to hand.

When I was at the hoop jam I met with one of my fav uk hoopers, she is soooo awesome and such a joy and inspiration to watch, she gave me some advice and encouragement and I really appreciate that.

I've got my hooping course tomorrow and I can't wait to go to it! It's going to be the best fun ever. I'm looking forward to learning and to being able hoop with even more new people. I'm going to attempt making my own hoop and I bought some tape on line which arrived today, I'm hoping that my first hoop is pretty! I bet get reading up about how to make them. I'll be getting the piping in a couple of weeks time, it's going to great learning another new skill.

I'm going to get an early night and get up ready to go and learn. I'm hoping that next year I can train with all my favourite hoop dance idols! :o)  I've managed to include my little woof woof too, she likes to jump through, very cute!