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Welcome to September 2008
Highlights of the month
  • Went to the woods to have photos taken
  • Forward angles & barrel rolls
  • Introducing hooping to my friend
  • Delighting in my hooping idols








Thursday 18/09/08

I'd arranged to go to a hooping event in Nuneaton, I was really excited about going, mainly because I'd be meeting other hoopers and having a nice day out by myself hopefully making new friends. I have to braid my hair every once in a while and it's not a quick task. I thought that if I braided fast I'd get my hair done in time. I didn't manage to achieve it and I was absolutely gutted. I'd been looking forward to it all week. I've been spending some time looking at the hooping community in the UK and I'm so keen to be a part of it and meet the people whose hooping inspires me. One of the attractions of hooping is the sharing element, how willing other hoopers are with their knowledge. I found a group that meet once a month in London so I'm going to go and meet with some people at the beginning of Oct and I can't wait to meet them and be inspired and hopefully learn how to do better what I'm practicing.

I let go of having to learning something new each week and decided to enjoy more of what I had already learnt, spending time honing and fine tuning my ingredients. I've been enjoying the ways I could transition between the moves. Not having much space is really a hindrance but some hooping is better than no hooping and I'm still able to learn. I've even found a use for my kid sized hoops. I don't have the room to do off body tricks so I practice with the little hoop, it's really good and useful, the only thing that I have to watch for is the change of weight when outside using a full sized hoop.

I managed to convince my boyfriend to film me hooping in the woods and it was such a joy to do. The ground was soft, the air fresh and I felt very free as opposed to the caged bird feeling I've been getting in my very small kitchen. It was a good opportunity for me to view my alignment when doing certain tricks and also to witness my enjoyment, I'm not always aware of how much smiling I'm doing. I love hooping so much!

I probably mentioned this already but I have my hoopnotica hoop and I've ordered two more from PeachySteve, I want some bright cheerful hoops for the winter months and also two the same size so I can start using two hoops and doing off body tricks using two, I'm scared to try it but two hoops hanging about is going to be far too enticing to leave alone!

Guess what? I can do my forward angles now too! It's great, it's taken sooo long to get some kind of control over the movement and some consistency but lately it seems to be coming together, I'd like to be a bit more energetic when I do it though, I'm sure I will in time. I also think that hooping will benefit from some influence from Alexander Techniques and principles. I think better alignment will strengthen me and make my hooping more elegant. I noticed that when I watched myself doing the forward angles my upper back didn't look straight, it was like it was bowed a little, the only rounding ought to be in my lower back and the rest of the back to be straight, I'm going to pay more attention to the detail so that when it's time for me to unleash a performance it will look professional with well formed body shapes.


I'm learning to jump into the hoop, it's coming on ok but a bit clunky, practice will smooth it out a lot.


I'm going to start trying to knee hoop again. I'm determined to keep it up soon and to be able to do it before the teacher training. I'm also working on my floating. I can do to about my neck or shoulder height but no lower without getting tangled up.  I'm sooo excited about all the lovely things I'll be able to do this time next year and how many people I will have taught also. I'm so excited about the people I'm going to meet and the hooping adventures I'm about to have. It's going to be a fun ride!


Wednesday 03/09/08

I've been hooping hooping hooping, I've even begun finding hula in my dreams, I dreamt I couldn't take it on a plane because security thought I could conceal some kind of liquid explosive inside and in the dream I was wishing for a collapsible hoop!

I visited a girl friend on the weekend and she told me she has a hula hoop but I knew it was likely to be a childs one so I bought mine with me. I was a good hooper and practiced for 2 hours before I left, then on Sunday I showed her some of my moves, that was it, she's hooked too! She thought my adult hoop was massive and thought she wouldn't be able to use it, she found it easy, she went for it and all the things I'd learnt I shared with her. She bought her adult hoop before I left to drive home!

I've picked some new things to learn this week. I want to start in halo jump into the hula back into halo. I'd like to be able to pop it back on my waist but think the only way I can see myself doing it is by passing rather than grabbing the hoop to give it momentum. My left arm limitation means I haven't got (or think I haven't got) the energy to give the hoop a good piece of energy to continue waist hooping. I'm also looking at off body hooping, some of it looks cool! I'd like to hula behind my back, there seems to be lots of different ways to do it, it'll take a while though because I don't want to hit myself in the back of the head. I'm also hoping to get the hula to stay where I want it to whilst hooping on the thighs. I have to make the hula go really fast to keep it working, I don't feel upright in my body enough and it seems to go below the knees really easily. The weird thing is I used to be able to do this really easily on my kids hoop but have not been able to achieve any control or even keep it up on my full size hoop. It is improving though.

The other trick I'm struggling with is a forward angle (bending forward and the hoops hooping at an angle up and down), I just don't seem to get it! I know all the techniques on how, but when I use another approach it still doesn't happen for me. I think my body wants to move in a rotation rather than a pump up and down. I know I have to curve the small of my back in a catlike way or bounce when the gap in the hula is at the front. It goes at a slanted angle and I have no control. Limbo however is the opposite, it's a beautiful move and I love it although hate the loss of alignment in my spine at the neck in order to do it, I need to tilt back and open my jaw. The transition between waist to limbo is clunky and time consuming, I wish I could make it glide and happen quicker!

I got a hula aerobics dvd today, so I'll check it out. The hoopgirl dvd is really good, there are so many components on there to do moves and it's really inspiring. So basically a lot of content for my money.  I've seen most of the Hoop Dance Tutorial DVDs out there.  The thing is, each have strengths and weaknesses and sometimes neither dvd help me learn something and I'll find someone on youtube and then it comes together. What I like is the choice and the sharing of skills and techniques, with so much good information available however someone prefers to learn will be catered for.

I'm still doing my best to overcome my frustration whilst hooping. I guess those dvds make things seem really easy so if I hurt myself I'm not expecting to have any difficulty and then feel daft that I am finding it hard.

Although the training is soon I'm really wanting to hoop with others. I want to go to my hula class but know I won't learn anything. I have no way of running and hooping, I haven't a clue how to do it as no techniques has been taught, I just try to keep up and I don't leave feeling like how I hoped. I wish there was more laughter in the group and when my hula rolls off somewhere I find that hilarious and chase after it, I know I'm supposed to save it before it's flown off but sometimes it doesn't happen! It's fun for me and I love laughing.

Okay I'm done for a while, off to do my other things, knitting!!!